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At Greater Harvest, we encourage spiritual employment. Our volunteer ministries are listed below. Please, pray and ask God to show you the ministry in which you are graced to serve. We would love to work with you!

Children & Youth Ministry

The mission of GHC Children's Department is to reach children and youth by exhorting Biblical principles of Jesus Christ and providing instructions to cultivate Christian virtue, integrity, and social graces while preparing them to lead with dignity and high morals. It is also important that they feel love and see love in action.  We strive to reach children and youth and offer an opportunity for them to receive salvation in their productive years. We desire to build a partnership between the home, the school, and the church in order to provide a spiritual foundation for each child by building character, faith, and self-worth.  Our goal is to minister to the diverse needs of today’s youth. To help them live victorious lives for Christ, as they strive to overcome in this present world, without continually giving in to the vices of this world.

Convalescent Care Ministry

This is an outreach ministry created to serve the needs of those who live in local nursing homes. This ministry regularly visits the nursing homes to spend time with the residents and collects needed items for them.

Couple's Connection

Greater Harvest Church Marriage Ministry is a family focused ministry that promotes the value of marriage between a man and woman and unapologetically practices Christian family values.  We encourage healthy relationships by providing many spiritual enrichments, social outings, and “couple time events”.  These enrichments strengthen marriages in the area of communication, spiritual unity, and service to each other.  Strong marriages builds strong families that result in strong churches and communities.  

Life Group

Greater Harvest Life group serves young women ages 18-30yo. It exists to address the unique needs and challenges facing young women today including self-empowerment, identity, healthy relationships, single-motherhood, and mental and emotional concerns.

Men's Ministry

This ministry serves to empower all men at Greater Harvest by addressing their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Music Ministry

The music ministry exists to create an atmosphere of praise and worship through song at each worship service. Additionally, the music ministry begins by ministering to the individuals who participate by engaging in regular social activities.

Prayer Ministry

The prayer ministry at Greater Harvest Church serves to pray for the general and specific needs of the Pastor, the congregation, and the world at large.

Prison Ministry

This ministry visits the local prisons and jails monthly to minister to the spiritual needs of those who are incarcerated.

Seasoned Saints Ministry

The Seasoned Saints are the jewels of our congregation. They embody wisdom and grace that they share with others. This ministry serves the saints who are 60 and over by empowering, uplifting, and encouraging them through various spiritual and enrichment activities.

Usher and Greeter Ministry

This ministry serves a vital role in the vision and mission of Greater Harvest Church. Ushers and Greeters create a warm and welcoming environment for church members and visitors on a weekly basis and at each worship service.

18 – 49 Women's Ministry

The Women’s Ministry of Greater Harvest Church ministers to the holistic needs of women ages 18-49.  This ministry encourages holy living and dedication to Christian Service in the church and community. It addresses numerous concerns of the women which may include building healthy relationships, home building, meal planning, parenting, child care and development, understanding teenagers, marital issues, etc.

Women of Grace

The Women of Grace is designed to address the holistic needs of the women of the church ages 50+. This group focuses on empowering women to live out their purpose in God by addressing their mental, emotional, physical, social, financial, and spiritual needs.

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